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Cosmetic research of Terme di Saturnia has reached a new milestone in the realization of the most suitable treatments to the needs of modern women who need extremely effective products that give visible results quickly and at the same time durable, pleasant, easy and fast to use and well, parallel, longer meet requirements (lifting, hydration, nutrition, anti-aging).

In this view, Terme di Saturnia has made 24h TOTAL CONTROL, a short day/night line suitable for all skin types, which at the same time is:
• anti-aging/anti-radical;
• prevent and fight damage to DNA in skin cells;
• healing, firming, nourishing, firming and regenerating the skin structure, oxygenating, moisturizing, soothing, protective, purifying, disinfiammante, lifting, enlightening, photoprotective and exfoliating.

The products of this line, consisting of a cream, a serum and an eye contour cream/lip, act synergistically to achieve maximum results.