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CBN’s SOIN SOLAIRE ANTI AGE, based on the vegetable DNA, constitutes the result of the most advanced discoveries attained in the field of the cell-therapy and in the study of the DNA applied to the treatment of the skin under the sun.

The researches effected about the DNA, besides the properties of cellular regeneration already known, have pointed out other properties very useful to the skin protection against sun rays and its simultaneous repair of the damages caused by them.
– High spectrum of absorption of the UV rays: its molecular structure allows to screen the harmful rays, thus making it a very good sun filter to be utilized instead of many chemical filters.
– Enormous retention of hydration at surface level: the DNA retains a volume of watery solution over 10.000 times its volume, thus maintaining the skin hydrated under the sun.
– Great power against anti free-radicals, the true enemies of the skin, roused by sun-rays, which are responsible for the photo-induced cellular ageing.