The 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to valuable us researchers for their discoveries about telomeres which are present in cells. CBN Laboratories based their new researches on such extraordinary discoveries, hence allowing a significant improvement, beyond any imagination, in skin cosmetic treatments. This is how CBN Active Plant Germ Cell Treatments were born.


In the plant kingdom most of the plants are part of Angiospermae class (i.e. plants with flowers) which distinguish themselves from the less evoluted ones (musks and ferns) thanks to flower and seed production kept and protected inside the fruit.

Germ cells are the progenitor cells produced by plants inside flowers and can be found as pollen granules which are able to differentiate themselves to build up plant reproductive organs and give birth then to a new plant unit.

The main germ cell feature is to produce gametes, across a process called meiosis, which have the peculiar characteristic to be exempted from some cell ageing processes caused by the gradual end shortening of their chromosomes: the telomeres.

As a matter of fact, in non progenitor cells, the somatic ones, cell growth is blocked due to telomerase lack after some 50-70 duplications, to go on to senescence and then to crisis (apoptosis).

There is no planned ageing process in germ cells because telomerase, unlike somatic cells, never goes back on its functions, but it allows telomere reconstruction endlessly and uninterrupted cell duplication. This enables germ cells to be considered as “immortal cells”.

Starting from this discovery, CBN Laboratories have fully revolutionized their treatment by creating a new futuristic complex called BIO•GERMINAL COMPLEXE, obtained from pollen granules coming from laboratory farmed plants in aseptic environment and enhanced to reach the regenerating activity top levels, able to act on skin cell telomerase hence lengthening the replication power.


A multitasking active complex on different levels, with top treating skills, based on active germ cell extracts. It is able to promote new skin cell germination and to allow the continuous duplication.


• they are all paraben free;
• they are non comedogenic, therefore they are non occlusive for skin pores;
• they are hypoallergenic: the components were conceived to avoid possible allergies;
• its active principles come exclusively from biological, uncontaminated, monitored and guaranteed farming.


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